Raider Originals

A child of the ‘70s, Jonas Benjamin Raider was born and raised in the quaint, but hip, oceanfront town of Rockaway Beach, NY. Only a quick drive from the bustling creative vibes of Manhattan, he found early artistic inspiration from both his childhood suburban surroundings and the big city.

He was fortunate enough to grow up with multiple influences throughout his youth-as the music, films, fashion and pop icons of the era, directly shaped his artistic ambitions.

Further free-thinking direction came from family and friends who had a way with a brush, pencil or yarn and appreciation for those things in life, that looked cool and felt right.

Jonas began his serious pursuit of the painted image soon after graduating college, where he continued to progress his style and cultivate his technique.

Today, he has evolved into a prolific painter of modern abstract expressionism, which he applies via multiple mediums on wood and canvas. He works in varied scale, with dynamic use of color, texture and flow. The content of his pieces demand interpretation, but emanate from personal emotion and have direct meaning.

Over the last decade, the art of JBR has been viewed at private studios in NYC, Washington D.C. and Art Basel in Miami Fla, with countless pieces being acquired by those drawn to the aesthetic and powerful allure of his vision.