Chiara Magni

Creativity and art have always been fundamental parts of Chiara's life. Ever since she was a child, Chiara immediately started to develop a very instinctive and almost visceral approach with creativity and with the desire to express herself. She immediately found herself drawing and painting, experimenting with various techniques without even knowing what they were called; simply following what made her happy.

In 2013, Chiara surrendered to the fact that creation and art were her life - past, present and future! Her journey as an artist has landed her on the specialized style of Finger Painting. 

This technique requires that only the fingers are used. The color is given pure from the tube to the canvas, without thinners, and creates a very strong, 3D-like texture with really vivid colors. That being said, Chiara believes that it’s the emotion created by the paint that matter most, and she will use whatever tool necessary that best create that emotion – brushes, spatula, wooden sticks, even fabrics. This technique allows Chiara to project herself into another dimension - a world of her own where there only exists what she creates.

Chiara is known for her dedication to all fecets of the female form.

With collectors around the world, Chiara believes she is tasked with making our society a little better, or at least more colorful!