Elizabeth Fowler

Elizabeth grew up outside Philadelphia, and drew and colored her whole childhood. At Princeton University, she took so many Art History classes that she could have majored in it. Instead, she created an Independent Concentration in Theatre as a University Scholar and graduated with highest honors. Thoughts of becoming a playwright and director were put to the side, in order to focus on raising a family. It is now five children and eleven grandkids later.  Elizabeth taught History and Art at an AZ Charter School for the past twenty years. She has never stopped creating art and never will.

She currently works with like-hearted artist/leaders to contribute to the arts and artists of Rim County. She is the President of ArtBeat: Rhythm of the Rim, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation whose purpose is to promote all the arts in Rim County so they may be ever more visible and in service to the community.