Patrice Murciano

Born in 1969, Patrice Murciano grew up in the south of France.  He discovered a passion for art at an early age. He began drawing at age 6.  At age 8, he stole his mother’s makeup and used it to draw portraits and female nudes.  A self-taught artist, Patrice learned to express his imagination on the canvas as he saw fit, helping him develop his unique artistic style.  Patrice does not recognize himself as a painter.  Instead, he considers himself an “art-researcher” in constant search of new techniques and styles.  In his studio, called Laboratory of Artistic Experiences, he experiments with acrylic, ink, oil, sculptures, graphics, photography, fashion and film.  While he takes inspiration from everything, his greatest passion is for portraits.

Patrice has exhibited around the world, including New York, Los Angeles, Osaka and Paris.  His art graces the collection of various celebrities and esteemed collectors.