Ludwig Van Bacon

What would happen if Tim Burton and Lisa Frank got together? Apparently, the work of Justin McCafferty, also known as 'Ludwig Van Bacon'. Justin is a 32- "going on 12-year old" from Senoia, GA who worked at a electronics repair depot just a few years ago. Today, he is cashing in on an entrepreneurial tidal wave – online retail shops, selling his art. In a time when 80s and 90s movie and TV reboots are literally everything, McCafferty’s art is really beginning to turn heads. His belief that humans have a strong kinship to the movies of their youth, may just be the best thing that ever happened to him. Or to you, if you are a fan of Princess Bride, David Bowie’s fangirl favorite "The Labyrinth," "Edward Scissorhands," "BeetleJuice," "The Neverending Story" or Stephen King’s "IT." Which let’s be honest, who isn’t? Not to mention the 90s music and cultural nods like Kurt Cobain. McCafferty, who today sells art under LVB Art or Ludwig Van Bacon, first drew a Batman – simply out of doodling boredom. “I don’t like drawing pupils and you can use his cape to cover up parts you don’t want to draw,”. That Batman rendering would come to be the first thing that he accidentally sold. But not even close to the last. McCafferty’s art has become the subject of viral memes, Spencer’s tees, rock band album art, full fabric lines, personal tattoos and individual commission pieces from all over the globe.